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Heavy duty alternators repairs

  • Butec A100
  • CAV AC203
  • AC172 120amp
  • CAV AC7
  • Bosch
  • Simms
  • Delco
CAV AC203 Alternator
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One year guarantee AC172 Alternator

Butec, CAV, Bosch and Simms Alternators

AC203 Alternator

Four decades of remanufacturing alternators

For over forty years our background has been in the repair and recondition of heavy-duty alternators for the PSV industry, and it is still a large part of our core business today.

We specialise in the re-manufacture of heavy-duty alternators originally manufactured by Butec, CAV, Delco, Simms, and Bosch. The typical alternators we re-manufacture are CAV AC203s, CAV AC172s, Bosch, CAV AC7s and the Butec A100 alternator.

The reconditioning process begins with the alternator being dismantled and the alternator, with its component stator and rotor, reclaimed using our range of ovens and surface treatment facilities.

The re-manufactured parts of the alternator are then re-assembled and thoroughly tested, before leaving the factory with a full one year guarantee.

Manufactured components

We manufacture in-house most alternator components; parts such as slip rings, rotor and stator coils, shafts etc. We also supply parts to companies that use our re-manufactured rotors and stators in there own alternator assemblies.

Recondition rare or obsolete alternators

Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities means we can also offer a bespoke service for the reconditioning of rare and/or obsolete alternators. We have the ability to make most parts necessary, helping you avoid the tiresome and tedious search for replacement parts.

Our reconditioned and fully re-manufactured alternators and component parts are supplied with a 1 year guarantee!

Looking for a rewind, repair or recondition service? Contact us today!