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Armature Rewinds

  • Vintage Cars
  • Classic Bikes
  • Mobility Buggies
  • 1w to 100Kw
  • Machine wound
  • Hand wound
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Machine wound and hand wound armatures from 1W to 50kW

armature awaiting winding

Our well-equipped winding shop is capable of winding armatures from 1W to 50kW using a range of armature winding machines, or hand and coil winding techniques.

We have invested in sophisticated CNC winding machines that ensure a high quality product is delivered for in-house use as well as trade and end users alike.

Armature Types

We rewind armatures for all types of machines including:

We wind one-off armatures to thousands; especially for rewind companies who prefer to out source small to medium-sized armatures. We also completely manufacture some types.

Contact us if you have a requirement for armatures in volume, either rewinds or new units.

Our 'one off' rewind service is ideal for vintage car or bike enthusiasts wishing to repair their own dynamo.

Armature Rewind Prices

Prices for armature rewinds are on a bespoke basis due to the variation of production technique. We can however give a price for popular types:-

Wiper Motor Armatures

From £55.00 + VAT

E3L Armatures

E3L armature

Rewinds - £55.00 + VAT

New - £75.00 + VAT (6V/60W - 12V/60W - 6V/36W - 12V/36W)

Austin 7 Dynamo Armatures

£95.00 + VAT

Magneto armature

C40 Dynamo Armatures

£70 + VAT

Lucas Dynastart Armatures

£200 + VAT

Magneto Armatures

From £80 + VAT

Rolls Royce, Bentley

We have developed something of a speciality in rewinding armatures for Lucas and Rotax dynamos that are fitted on to Rolls Royce, Bentley, and other veteran and vintage luxury cars.

Price guide £250 + VAT.

Armatures with damaged shafts


We can usually manufacture and replace a damaged shaft of most armatures.

We will quote for a new shaft where required.

We are in regular production of shafts for the Lucas E3L, E3LM, E3E, E3N, E3H, E3 HM, E3HB, E3AR, E3H-R0, DM3G, D6.

Looking for a rewind, repair or recondition service? Contact us today!