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Armature Windings FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you supply an armature without the old core?

Yes. We can supply armatures for the Lucas 3EL and its variants, and some magneto armatures.

Can you do voltage conversions?

Yes. We can convert most types of armatures to work on different voltages. Please note however it may be necessary to replace the field coil as well in order for the finished machine to work at the new voltage.

Can you still restore my armature if the shaft is broken?

Yes. We can repair the shaft, if it has worn bearing surface or damaged threads, or we can manufacture a new shaft if necessary.

Please note: if the armature is unfamiliar to us we may need either the pulley, the sprocket or coupling device in order to make a shaft to fit it.

How do I get my armature to you?

You can post it to us, at:
Unit 26,
M1 Commerce Park
Markham Lane
Derbyshire S44 5HS

You can also ask us to arrange to have the unit collected from you.

Can I bring my armature in person?

Yes. We have a trade counter in our factory. Your armature will enter our repair control system and we will contact you the next working day with a quote for the repair.

How long will my armature take to be repaired?

We can usually repair an armature within five working days. It may take a little longer if the commutator needs replacing or the armature needs a new shaft.

Can I pay by cheque?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and cash. We can accept a cheque but we cannot release the goods until the cheque has cleared.

Will you supply the trade?

Yes. We regularly supply trade customers.

Do you have the capacity to supply a regular or volume order?

Yes. We supply a number of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with both after-market and new units.

We can set up a line for regular or volume orders. If your requirement is for strip-wound armatures we can make bending jigs to form hairpins and twisting jigs for the connections. This would depend on the volume.