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Field Coils

  • Vintage Cars
  • Classic Bikes
  • Mobility Buggies
  • 1w to 100Kw
  • Machine wound
  • Hand wound
Field Coils for Dynamo Repairs
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A Field Coil for a Dynamo Repair

Field Coils for Dynamo Repairs

As well as repairing dynamos we also offer a range of field coils for enthusiasts repairing and servicing vintage motor car or motor bike dynamos.

Our winding shop is capable of winding wire wound field coils up to 1 metre in length. We utilise brazing and TIG welding machines for connecting and our machine shop manufacturers formers, ensuring a large variant in our production capability. We also wind strip wound field coils.

If the coil required is a 'one-off' and wound with sectional copper, time may be needed to source the exact wire required - we will, of course, advise.

Prices for field coils can vary greatly due to complexity of the winding however we do publish prices for popular coils.

E3L Dynamo Field Coils

An E3L Field Coil for a Dynamo Repair

6V/36W and 12V/36W - £24.80 + VAT

6V/60W and 12V/60W - £26.70 + VAT

Austin 7 Dynamo Field Coils

2 Pole - £35 + VAT

4 Pole - £65 + VAT

Lucas C40 Dynamo Field Coils

£35 + VAT

Lucas C39 Dynamo Field Coils

£35 + VAT

We also wind field coils for Dynastarts and DC motors. Please ask for a price.