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Field Coil Windings FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair a field coil?

Yes of course but it depends on the type of field coil. If the coil is wound with sectional wire or is a one-off, requiring a complex former to wind, it can be more cost effective to recondition the coil. Usually however it isn't cost effective repairing a field coil and experience has proven that winding a field coil is much more efficient.

We recondition a field coil by burning off and removing all the old insulation. The field coil is then shot blasted and annealed before being re-insulated. If the wire has a break in it we will repair with brazing techniques.

Can you wind any field coil?

With our winding machines we can wind coils up to 1 metre in length and we manufacture coil formers in our well-equipped machine shop.

If the coil required is wound with sectional copper or is a 'one-off' it may need sourcing which may take a little time.

How do I get my field coil to you?

You can post it to us, at:
Unit 26,
M1 Commerce Park
Markham Lane
Derbyshire S44 5HS

You can also ask us to arrange to have the unit collected from you.

Can I visit you to discuss my field coil?

Yes. We have a trade counter in our factory. Your field coil will enter our repair control system and we will contact you the next working day with a quote for the repair.

How long will it take to get my field coil?

We can usually rewind a field coil within five working days. If we have to source special wire then it could be a little longer and we will advise.

Can I pay by cheque?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and cash. We can accept a cheque but we cannot release the goods until your cheque has cleared.

Will you supply the trade?

Yes. We regularly supply trade customers.

Do you have the capacity to supply a regular or volume order?

Yes. We supply a number of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with both after-market and new.