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Repairing Dynastarts (Dynamotors)

  • Lucas A900T
  • Lucas A900C
  • Lucas A900R
  • Bosch
  • Delco
We specialise in dynastart repairs
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Bullnose Morris Dynastarts: Lucas A900T, A900C, and A900R

Reconditioned dynastart

Dynastarts were fitted to many early cars. They are a starter motor and dynamo in one and were made by most of the major manufacturers; Lucas, Bosch, Delco etc.

One of the most popular models we are asked to re-manufacture is the Lucas dynastart model numbers; A900T, A900C, and A900R, which are commonly fitted to the Morris Oxford AKA the Bullnose Morris.

Dynastart repairs with a 1 year guarantee

£120 (plus parts and VAT).

We will dismantle your dynastart and fully test the components, replacing faulty components where necessary. The cost of replacement parts is additional (plus VAT) and will be advised.

Armoto offer a full one year guarantee on repaired units.

Reconditioned dynastarts are supplied with a 3 year guarantee

£500 (plus VAT).

We will replace both sets of field coils, bearings, brushes and any damaged end-shields. The body of your dynastart will be burned out, shot blasted and stove enamelled.

Using modern winding methods and class F and class H insulations your dynastart will be restored to a higher specification than the original manufacture.

This fully remanufactured service is £500 (plus VAT) and comes with an impressive 3 year guarantee!

Dynastart Armature Rewinds

£200 + VAT

Looking for a rewind, repair or recondition service? Contact us today!