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Austin 7 dynamo repairs and reconditions

  • DF (1922-23)
  • DFL (1923-28)
  • DEL (1928-32)
  • C.35.A (1932-35)
  • C35M (from 1936)
Austin 7 dynamo
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armoto guarantees close up of an Austin 7 dynamo Austin 7 dynamo close up

Restoring Classic Austin 7 Dynamos

Over the years there have been a number of different Lucas and CAV dynamos fitted to the Austin 7, these models are the DF, DFL, DEL the C.35.A, and the C35M.

We can repair and restore all of the different models, and offer voltage conversions at no extra cost.

Austin 7 Dynamo Repair

We will dismantle your dynamo, test the components, and replace any faulty components.

£100 for this service plus the cost of any replacement parts (plus VAT).

Our repair services comes with a one year guarantee.

Reconditioned Austin 7 Dynamo

We will replace the armature winding, field coils, bearings, brushes, and any damaged end-shields. The dynamo body will be burned out, shot blasted and stove enamelled.

Using modern winding methods and class F and H insulations, your Austin 7 dynamo will be restored to a higher specification than the original.

£350 (plus VAT) and a three year guarantee.

Please note: We do have a float of old core dynamos that fit the Austin 7 and we can usually supply the most popular models. However when we have a high demand we can run-out whilst we're waiting for customers old core. We will charge a £250 surcharge which will be refunded on receipt of an acceptable old unit.

Austin 7 Dynamo Armatures

£95.00 + VAT

Looking for a rewind, repair or recondition service? Contact us today!