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Repairing Vintage Magnetos

  • Veteran Cars
  • Vintage Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Tractors
  • Stationary Engines
  • 3 Year Guarantee
Multi cylinder magneto
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armoto guarantees SR1 Magneto K2F Magneto

For veteran and vintage car and motorcycle owners

Multi cylinder magnetos

Vintage Cars

Our winding shop is experienced in reconditioning multi-cylinder magnetos for classic, vintage and veteran cars, tractor and stationary engines by Lucas, BTH, CAV, Bosch etc., such as the GA-4, SR-4, GJ4. There are so many different makes of magnetos that it is difficult to list them all but we've yet to meet a magneto that we cannot recondition.

Vintage Motor Cycles

We also repair or recondition all of the popular magnetos found on the BSA, Norton, Velocette, Triumph, AJS and Vincent motorbikes. Lucas BTH, CAV etc., such as the K1FC, K2FC, K1FR, K2FR, KNC1, KNR1, NR1, NC1, K1F, K2F, KVF, KN1L, N1, KN1, KNV, SR1, SR2, SRR1, SRR2, M01, RS1, MN2.

Magneto Armature

Vintage Magneto Repair from £75.00 (plus VAT)

Our car magneto repair services comes with a full 1 year guarantee.

Vintage Magneto Full Restoration £300 (plus VAT)

A full restoration ensures all major components on your car magneto are restored to at least new condition and comes with a full three year guarantee!

Please visit our page about magneto repairs for further information about repairing or restoring your single or multi-cylinder magneto.

We offer a rewind service on any magneto armature, prices are from £80 plus VAT and we can also replace damaged shafts.

Looking for a rewind, repair or recondition service? Contact us today!